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Seizing the unprecedented opportunities of generative AI


“The age of AI is upon us,” OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos writes in his latest Forbes column, “and technology leaders must remain on the cutting edge when it comes to using fresh innovations and readying themselves for what’s ahead with organized planning.”

To this end, Ramos provides a concise-yet-thorough look at the creation, evolution, and promise of “Software 2.0.”

Here’s a taste:

Software 2.0 facilitates the swift creation of applications by automating numerous elements in the development process. Neural networks are used to recognize patterns in data and make decisions based on those patterns. This allows for rapid scaling and diffusion of applications as well as AI-driven applications that can be deployed quickly with minimal manual intervention from developers.

Neural networks are composed of layers of neurons that “learn” from input data through a process called backpropagation. The neural network uses this information to develop an understanding of how certain inputs will lead to specific outputs over time, allowing it to accurately predict outcomes without any human intervention or programming effort required. This makes it possible for developers to rapidly scale their applications across different platforms while still ensuring accuracy in results due to its ability to learn from existing datasets rather than having each platform require custom code written by hand.

Software 2.0 allows developers to rapidly scale their applications across different platforms, while its neural networks facilitate the diffusion of applications into various markets with expediency and accuracy. Moreover, these same neural networks enable AI-driven applications that can take autonomous action without human involvement—making them perfect for highly automated tasks such as customer service bots or self-driving cars where precision is paramount even in changing environments.

Read the whole thing here.