Design Thinking

OZ prototypes using "Agile" methodology to swiftly deliver a minimal viable product. Then, we collect feedback and incorporate it into the subsequent iteration. The testing stage is critical for rapid prototyping. Our user experience design consultants design tests that closely mimic real-life scenarios and contexts, observing how customers use the product or service without disrupting their natural behavior. By asking the right questions throughout, we discover new insights that can improve the design. This process can save time and money and will repeat until all are satisfied with the outcome. At OZ, applications are designed and developed in a mobile and agile fashion.

Analytics & AI

OZ provides mobile, analytical and AI solutions that transform your customers’ experience, unlock enlightening insights and drive powerful business outcomes. Our innovative, predictive and prescriptive analytical solutions provide insight disrupting everything from a company’s use of information, optimization of day-to-day business processes and transformation of customers’ experience. Using analytics and cloud-based systems, tap into the power of any data in real-time, regardless of the volume, type and velocity. OZ data services, management and warehouse offerings enable you to effectively integrate, standardize, secure and manage your data assets.


From consumers in sensor-rich environments to enterprises harnessing new technologies, smart connected devices give you access to better information, which allows you to improve your customer experience and make better decisions. Sensors and wearables capture data about what’s going on with your customers and your business. Turn that data into information to provide better experiences, higher efficiencies and higher profits. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enables you to know where everything is and where everything is going. Coupled with customer databases and artificial intelligence, companies can predict and resolve issues before the customer even knows a problem exists.


Robotic process automation (RPA) has put an end to the era of people executing mundane, time-consuming tasks. OZ consultants help companies select and deploy RPA software for automating the most repetitive, labor-intensive work. OZ can help implement an RPA system in any industry so that your employees can spend less time robotically processing paperwork and more time focusing on customers. Robotics is transforming the efficiency of every organizational function. These are software robots that operate as virtual employees, reliably automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Cloud Services

Unleash the power of secure, high-performance, efficient cloud technology, which is available 24/7 with next to zero latency. OZ consultants help clients adopt and tailor-fit the cloud, from architecture and migration planning services to development and hosting services. Our experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud will design the best solution for your performance needs. The cloud can reduce IT costs, scaling up or down as business needs dictate. It also provides flexibility by enabling employee mobility and collaboration. Well-executed cloud deployments can produce ROI quickly, but in order to realize these benefits, your cloud infrastructure must align with your existing environment, requirements, and processes. OZ ensures a cost-effective migration that makes the best use of your resources while delivering flexible solutions with peak performance.

OZ Innovation Lab

Think boldly. Imagine without boundaries. Explore and innovate. OZ labs offer a creative, hands-on, exploratory environment that allows you to experiment with RPA, IoT, Analytics & AI. We guide your solutions from ideation to incubation to prototyping quickly, seamlessly and fearlessly. OZ consultants will walk you through every step of our design-thinking process. We'll help you discover which disruptive ideas, technologies or methods will best enhance your customers’ experiences. Our immersive and collaborative creative sessions will help you discover the best innovations to achieve your goals. Consider us your partner in reaching for the stars.

OZ is a leading global consulting company whose services and solutions enhance Customer Experience through digital innovation.