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“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

— Inventor Dean Kamen

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Customer Experience (CX) Is More Than Just Seats

Travel can be stressful for even the most experienced, but digital technology is removing the pain — and even adding a little fun to the process. These days, travelers can research an airline, train or cruise online, where they can take virtual tours of the cabin prior to booking and receive personalized recommendations.

After purchasing a ticket, they get text updates and reminders. They check-in online, receive mobile tickets, zip through security using biometric scanning and AI and use RFID tags to track baggage. And later, post-trip, cruise passengers may receive a social-media-ready photo of their final evening on deck.

These are just a handful of the technologies some travel companies currently provide travelers to make their journeys more smooth and enjoyable. Advancements in IoT, mobile applications, Analytics & AI are poised to help these companies go even further to improve their customers’ experience and build loyalties. After all, a journey should be memorable for all the right reasons.

Mobile, AR and IoT Technologies Give Guests Something to Write Home About

During travel, guests look for personalized experiences — and travel companies look to OZ for the digital solutions to get them there. Digital itineraries help customize daily adventures. Wearable payment technology allows travelers to expedite purchase processes and RFID bracelets to keep track of children.

Wait times in security are shorter thanks to IoT, mobile, RPA and facial recognition.

Interactive technologies such as augmented reality (AR) allow guests to preview and reserve seats at restaurants or sports games, virtually tour pools and other facilities and book activities and excursions. Mobile apps are transforming food-and-drink ordering, creating a seamless experience for guests.

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Innovation Sprints

Room Automation – Hotel
OZ has a deep understanding of what it takes to provide the ultimate Customer Experience for Hotel Guests. Through Room Automation features, apps and other digital solutions, personalized and enhanced experience for guests and employees is created. Whether that be temperature control, lighting, TV control, room service or even an all-in-one digital concierge. The OZ Innovation Sprints allow these types of impactful solutions to be rapidly prototyped and launched to your Guests! Learn More
Stateroom Automation - Cruise Ship
The Cruising Industry is growing tremendously, to keep up with guests’ demands brands are looking to push innovation and friendly digital tools to their passengers for the most frictionless experience. The average Stateroom is known to be basic and boring. Not offering much to the guest besides somewhere to sleep. With a deep understanding of your passengers’ needs and wants, the right Stateroom Experience can be created. Offering more value to the passengers than ever before with personalized room controls, digital concierge, digital key access, maps and so much more. Discover how the Innovation Sprint can speed up your path to delivering the ultimate passenger experience! Learn More
Optimized POS – Hotel
While Digital Transformation has been all the rage for some time now, it has been primarily focused on the guest-facing experience for Hotels. Solutions affecting lines-of-business that are directly used by employees and that facilitate the customer experience such as POS have been stuck in a holding pattern for much of 20 years, dependent on archaic 90s and early 2000s-era technology. Hotels lack the ability to maximize value and efficiency through these POS Systems. This is due to outdated UX/UI, poor reporting, lack of customization, and limited integrations with separate lines-of-business in the organization. Through OZ's improved POS and our Innovation Sprints, discover how you can fully optimize your POS systems without limitations of the past! Learn More
Optimized POS – SPA
Within Spa’s and Spa related businesses, the POS is at the heart, driving it forward. With off-the-shelf solutions allowing only a limited amount of features, integrations, or use-cases, scalability becomes a factor. You may find a solution offering appointment booking, pre-payment, mobile invoicing and staff scheduling. But does it include loyalty programs, retail features, or commissions and the ability to integrate into your Inventory Management System if you sell products? Why pick and choose when you should be able to have exactly what you need? Learn how an ozPOS Innovation Sprint can bring your exact Spa related POS application to life! Learn More
Optimized POS - Pool Side
Convenience and Customer Experience is what every guest is looking for as they relax poolside at a cruise, resort, hotel, etc. The quality of service and experience delivered to poolside guests is continuously improving and guest expectations are continuously growing. Never needing to get out of your lounge chair for anything is now the norm. Organizations can no longer offer services and experiences of the past or they will face getting left behind. Discover how to build the most frictionless poolside applications for both Guests and Employees! Learn More
Optimized POS – Embarkation
Embarking on your vacation or trip is considered burdensome by most. The struggle of waiting in lines, dealing with paper, and time wasted with manual processes are a thing of the past. Customers are looking for the most convenient ways of experiencing a journey start to finish. Creating a seamless and user-friendly experience upon check-in is critical to starting the guest journey right. Learn how the right set of digital solutions can streamline your Embarkation process for both employees and passengers through the OZ Innovation Sprint! Learn More

Key Digital Technologies Used

  • Online Booking, RFID Tracking & Mobile Apps
  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Services
  • Facial Recognition & Biometrics-In-Motion
  • Enterprise Application Integration

The best travel companies know that once a ticket is sold, the journey has just begun. The key to ensuring future trips is creating frictionless, customized experiences for every traveler.

Solutions and Accelerators

VelOZity is a real-time customer experience solution that utilizes camera feeds and artificial intelligence to recognize people, determine their emotions, and assign NPS scores. Depending on their emotions, VelOZity can trigger communication to the VelOzity companion mobile application to enable quick customer support and resolution.
OZ Imagine
Experience the world through virtual reality & augmented reality. OZ Imagine brings a new way to explore and reserve your next travel destination, explore your next excursion and view your resort.
Enter a VR world where you can move from destination to destination from the comfort of your seat. Get a 360 video and see how it would feel to be there before you go.
Flow is a room automation application that enables you to control your TV, your temperature unit, lights, curtains, and doors. Flow is built to personalize the experience for the guest while optimizing energy consumption for the host.
OZ Recognize
This application powered by machine learning detects object types and their conditions. OZ Recognize promotes driver-safety by helping analyze worn tires and faulty parts.
This is a system that uses drones with cameras and a set of apps (guest and crew) to request a picture be taken. The system uses location services of the requester to send a drone to the area and take an aerial photograph with the group. The system queues all requests, processes them and sends the pictures to the requesters.
Ozzie - Personal Digital Assistant
Ozzie is a full WebVR assistant who can help customers solve their common questions. The system interlays a variety of technologies such as VR, Voice Technologies and Analytics into one experience. Ozzie is built using AWS Sumerian and AWS Lex for the chat-voice interaction. Embed Ozzie on your website or experience Ozzie through your VR lenses.
Mira - Chatbot
Mira is a chatbot that helps the user understand the intricacies of a medical diagnosis, educates them with the latest information on prescriptions and recent advancements/techniques from the medical field.
OZ Helpers - Chatbot
OZ Helpers allows you to have your own personal knowledge-based chatbot army. OZ Helpers provides answers to business-specific questions; the chatbot system is built in a way that provides easy integration to a variety of knowledge bases, CMS and websites. OZ Helpers is here to answer all of your questions.

Mark Pullen

Mark is responsible for the Products, Software, and Innovation practice at OZ, and leads the overall team developing Salus (among other solutions).

In his 20+ years in software development, over 18 of them were dedicated to the hospitality industry, most recently with Royal Caribbean. Prior to that, he spent 10+ years as a Director of Engineering at Agilysys, helping lead the team that created the InfoGenesis POS solution as well as other products for the hospitality industry. ​

Mark's passion is working with and leading teams to build software that is loved by its users and solves problems in creative ways.

Who is Mark Pullen

Mark is responsible for the Products, Software, and Innovation practice at OZ, and leads the overall team developing Salus (among other solutions).

In his 20+ years in software development, over 18 of them were dedicated to the hospitality industry, most recently with Royal Caribbean. Prior to that, he spent 10+ years as a Director of Engineering at Agilysys, helping lead the team that created the InfoGenesis POS solution as well as other products for the hospitality industry. ​

Mark's passion is working with and leading teams to build software that is loved by its users and solves problems in creative ways.

Innovation in Action

OZ. Travel. Visualize and Experience the Destination Before You Go Using Virtual Reality

See what to expect in your next vacation destination before you book your flights. Virtual Reality (VR) provides a 360-degree view before you go.

“1.5x – Companies that excel at Customer Experience have 1.5x more engaged employees than companies with poor CX”

- Source: Temkin Group

Guest Journey POV



Today in Travel and Hospitality, it’s no longer just about amenities, features and price — focus is now customer-centric and experience-based. Guests are looking for more personalized and seamless experiences when they travel. Advancements in Analytics and AI are giving brands the power to unleash data and better understand guests, including using predictive signals to engage potential guests. Simple innovative methods to preview the travel experience will greatly impact guests’ decisions to book their trips. Ultimately a stronger and more personalized advertising experience is created.


The possibilities are endless — they really are! The travel and hospitality industry has so many options to provide to the world’s potential consumers that it truly becomes difficult to formalize a trip/plan. The focus is on simplifying the research process for potential consumers and offering them innovative methods of experiencing what their possibilities may be prior to booking. Previously, consumers would search the web aimlessly waiting for something to resonate with them. Advancements in Analytics and AI are now giving consumers a more customized experience when researching possibilities. Brands are now able to drive personalized content and targeted offerings to potential consumers, making the process of booking/finalizing much easier.


Over the years we’ve seen a decline in the use of travel agents — no more dealing with phone calls or multiple human interactions. Seeking more control, and to effortlessly manage their bookings, consumers now rely on transparent online platforms to seamlessly book their journeys. Advancements in online booking through mobile, Analytics and AI have given consumers a variety of additional features to enhance their experiences, including price alerts that put money back into their pockets. Online booking now gives brands the ability to influence the rest of the guest journey from inception and to create stronger relationships with their guests.


Swimming with the dolphins or jet skiing? It’s every guest’s dilemma: Which excursion to choose? Brands are now offering a plethora of amenities and activities to exceed guest expectations, but guests still have trouble understanding what would suit them best. VR/AR applications are giving guests the ability to experience amenities and excursions prior to booking. Digital advancements have given brands the power to customize and push offerings/packages based on consumer data. Guests have full transparency on what they can expect, leading to much easier decisions on which activities to book.


Checking in online is a must for travel and hospitality guests worldwide. Manual and inefficient processes are a thing of the past, and lengthy wait lines/times are immediately off-putting. Brands must digitally transform the check-in process to keep up with consumer expectations. Digital technologies including IoT and mobile are expediting check-in processes and providing guests additional functionalities to optimize their journey, helping them enjoy a more frictionless experience.


It’s go time! As guests embark on their journeys, multiple stops are sometimes required. Someone traveling on a cruise may be coming from a different location than the port, requiring both a hotel and a shuttle. Brands must consider and accommodate all these variations in the guest journey as they depart from their homes. The ability to digitally manage all aspects of the leaving-home stage is essential. Pre-journey notifications and reminders are impactful and help build a strong initial connection with the guest. A seamless home-to-arrival experience is critical in properly starting off the journey


In every hotel, resort, cruise liner, casino, airport terminal and restaurant, arrival is one of the most exciting parts of the guest journey. First impressions are everything at this stage, as initial interactions and experiences can set the stage for the entire vacation. Facial recognition, Robotic Process Automation and IoT devices are allowing employees to greet guests with personalization and optimize the entire welcoming process.


In every resort, cruise liner, casino and airport terminal, the security stage is viewed as the most burdensome moment in the guest journey. Delays and inferior service can lead to frustration for guests, altering their consumer behavior and severely impacting the guest experience. Breakthroughs in IoT, mobile and RPA are optimizing the entire security process for guests and staff. Lengthy, manual, paper-driven processes are automated and made digital. Guests reap the benefits of reduced wait times and more attentive, efficient service from employees. Innovative offerings including facial recognition and AI are streamlining security checkpoint processes for guests and offering experiences never before available.


In every resort, cruise liner, casino and airport terminal, check-in processes have traditionally been slow, requiring multiple human interactions. Guests today are looking for ways to streamline check-in and get their trip started sooner. Digital technologies including IoT and mobile are expediting this process, promoting remote check-ins and providing guests additional functionalities to optimize their journey. Guests feel empowered and a more frictionless experience is created.


Let the fun begin: It’s time to explore the property and get a feel for everything around you. With guests’ time being so valuable, it’s a priority to fast-track every aspect possible. With hotels, cruise ships, casinos and other destinations being so large, it becomes troublesome to explore the entire grounds and understand all they have to offer. Intelligent navigation and IoT assist in guiding the guest through the property while providing a personalized experience based on preferences. Interactive technologies such as augmented reality allow guests to experience and book facilities such as shopping, pools, sports, restaurants and bars as well as experience and book activities and excursions that the hotels, cruises and partners offer.


Safety first! On board a cruise, you will experience a mustering or safety orientation that is standard protocol for guests and staff in case of emergency. The focus is on giving back what’s most important to guests: time. The ability to reduce time spent on previously extensive processes will greatly enhance the guest experience. Digital advancements have optimized the flow of moving passengers/staff through the ship during the drill, and safety alerts and protocols are now also accessible digitally.


Most of the work is done. Arriving, security, check-in, safety drills — now it’s time to enjoy the vacation! Continuing a seamless and digital journey, guests take advantage of mobile, IoT and AI to enhance their experiences. These digital advancements empower guests and put them in control. Guest no longer want to carry wallets and room keys; simple wearables do the job. No more waiting endlessly for a drink; instead, through IoT, an employee will recognize you’re on low and fill you up before you even need to ask. These technologies are creating frictionless experiences for guests to exceed their expectations.


During travel, guests look for personalized and delightful experiences, requiring features such as digital itineraries, to help customize their daily experiences, or digital payments, to expedite purchase processes on the trip. Similarly, connectivity to the rest of the world is critical to guests in today’s digital era. Guests need the ability to communicate and share their experiences with the rest of their networks with speed and ease. Additionally, digital breakthroughs are shaking up travel and hospitality. Imagine, in every hotel room and cruise cabin, voice and mobile apps control of all entertainment devices, lighting, temperature control devices, curtains/blinds, room service and a virtual concierge and booking service. The interactivity of voice control and the data captured by these devices will greatly enhance the guest experience.


That’s a wrap! As guests conclude their journey, it is important to leave them with the “cherry on top” effect. Interaction and personalization are the drivers in creating these delightful final experiences. Digital advancements in IoT, Analytics and AI have led to new guest-centric features, including the ability to scan a guest’s digital itinerary and recommend last-minute activities. Or snapping pictures of guests via drone during their experience and digitally sending them as memories for guests on the last day. It is critical that in some shape or form, the guest has something to tie them back with their experience.


Arriving home from a wonderful trip can cause mixed emotions. As guests disembark, it is critical that the transition is hassle-free. Advancements in IoT and mobile applications allow guests to enjoy a seamless departure. For example, an app can instantly call for luggage, check out a guest and order a ride to the airport. Or Analytics and AI can be used to track preferences guests expressed throughout the trip and save them for another trip, creating a fast and efficient customer experience the next time they book a vacation. The departure stage is also a vital time for the guest to reflect on their experience. This is an opportunity to interact with them while the experience is still fresh. Digital advancements allow us to listen to guests, gain insights and build brand loyalty.


An overlooked part of the guest journey: referrals and loyalty. Today, consumers are pledging less and less loyalty to brands. Rather, they care about who can create a superior and personalized experience for them. What’s better than to have guests continue to talk about their phenomenal experience even after it’s over? Social media and digital advancements in IoT, Analytics and AI have given brands and consumers the ability to interact and engage on a more personal level. Picture this: two months after a fantastic cruise, your customer is sitting down with friends to have dinner, and they receive an interactive message from a cruise line with picture memories of the last dinner they enjoyed on board. Naturally, they show all their friends, which sparks a conversation and interests more people in having the same experience. Brand loyalty has been built, the word has been spread and your customer is now the go-to travel expert in their group of friends.

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