Design Thinking, Data Services, and Analytics Combine to Create a Powerful App-Based Showcase of Willis Lease’s Capabilities

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At any given moment, hundreds of Willis Lease’s airplane and engine assets are moving across the globe. Willis Lease wanted a way to visually demonstrate the size and scope of the company to clients, prospective clients, analysts, and shareholders. Willis Lease’s existing asset management reporting, which was used as part of their brand and sales story, was totally static and failed to capture the enormous complexity and efficiency of their operation.

Willis Lease engaged OZ to ideate, prototype, and develop a new and visually stunning app for their intranet, mobile sales presentations, and in-office monitors, which finally captured the impact of their business and told the compelling story they wished to tell. Through Design Thinking, Data Services, and Analytics, OZ identified and integrated internal databases with external GPS and flight data to build a dynamic flight tracker application. The app illustrates, with animated movement, where every Willis asset is in real-time – anywhere in the world.

Client overview

Willis Lease Finance Corporation is a provider of aviation services, specializing in leasing spare commercial aircraft engines and other aircraft-related equipment to commercial airlines, aircraft engine manufacturers, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul of facilities worldwide.

Business needs

While coordinating with clients, prospects, analysts, and shareholders as part of their sales and marketing initiatives, Willis needed an accurate and engaging tool that represented their global footprint of planes and engine shipments in real-time.

How OZ helped

OZ and Willis Lease collaborated in a series of Design Thinking sessions to understand their sales objectives, the needs of clients and prospects, and their disparate sources of data. OZ then used an agile process to identify ways to deliver a Customer Experience (CX) that would demonstrate the breadth and depth of their organization. Using Data Services, the flight data was integrated into their lease management system and other data sources.

Then, utilizing OZ’s agile methodology, the team built an intranet and mobile app that displays in real-time, with animated movement, a global mapping of the location of each engine and plane asset. The Flight Tracker App is now used as part of Willis Lease’s mobile sales presentation, throughout their intranet, and on monitors in the lobby of their offices. OZ also built the ability to filter the data and the imagery for additional functionalities, e.g. drilling down and visually showing the locations of each asset belonging to a specific client.

Business Outcomes & ROI

  • All 200+ of Willis’ leased assets can be seen on the map across the globe in real-time.
  • As a sales and marketing tool, Willis is able to present the map on any device.
  • The Flight Tracker map is the main focal point at Willis Corporate offices – providing a strong visual experience for visitors.
  • Willis delivers a better Customer Experience (CX) by presenting a visually compelling story about the breadth and depth of the company.