CX is the Cornerstone of Travel & Hospitality

From predictive analytics, AI, and RFID tracking to application integrations, cloud services, and beyond, our technology and expertise will be the ultimate differentiator as you seek competitive advantage in an industry where customer experience is paramount.

Nurture Customer Loyalty & Increase ROI.

Digital transformations enable the “cherry on top” effect that separates good hospitality companies from great ones.

Unlock greater paths to profitability by integrating carefully crafted end-to-end experience strategies that convert visitors into customers.

Enter a New Era
of 360-degree, Leading-Edge Customer Engagement

OZ certified consultants can help you:

Elevate your customer experience by improving retail interactions and developing end-to-end solutions that diversify revenue and build loyalty

Embark on a transformation journey to modernize your technology landscape, bringing forth agility and innovation, underpinned by cloud

Enhance performance, reduce costs, and increase real-time decisions by tapping into cross-organizational data and insights

AI-Powered Customer

In the age of connectivity, responsive, sophisticated customer communication is a necessity, not a luxury. OZ leverages AI solutions such as chatbots and digital virtual assistants to ensure you can make the best use of your customer’s data, anticipating and meeting needs and desires before they’ve thought to ask.

Data-driven insights empower CX innovation

Understanding who you serve informs how you serve them.

Establish a culture of continuous improvement with a digital ecosystem that captures the essential customer habits, preferences, and concerns that can be transformed into actionable insights.

Take advantage of our digital toolbox

  • Predictive Analytics & AI
  • Data Analytics & Big Data
  • Wearable Technologies & RFID Tracking
  • Voice Controls, Mobile Apps & Online Booking
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Facial Recognition & Biometrics-In-Motion
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Optimize your business for unparalleled CX

The most significant steps you can take to improve CX happen while the customer is but a speck on the horizon.

IT Consulting, AI, and Automation
Solutions for Hospitality and Travel

 Achieve greater customer and organizational success!

Implement the latest digital solutions transforming hospitality and travel.

What Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Can Do For You

EAI integrates your internal and external applications to provide centralized reporting for an elevated customer experience.