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“Hospitality technology vendors and users must learn to be agile and adapt to change - or suffer a loss of leadership or even relevance.”

— Dave Berkus, author and investor

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Personalized guest experiences with hospitality IT consulting

Hospitality IT Consulting to Personalize Your Customers’ Experiences

Hotels, resorts and restaurants can use a myriad of digital technologies to create emotional and memorable customer experiences that go far beyond just sleep, food and relaxation. Leading-edge hospitality companies are using customer data in four key areas: personalization, communication, Service Automation and marketing.

Imagine how your property’s guests would feel if you could predict their every need before they articulated it. With hospitality IT consulting, OZ can develop software, applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools so your team can personalize innumerable services for patrons. Using AI, resorts can leverage guests’ website searches to recommend specific amenities and packages, or prepare a favorite glass of wine when a repeat patron enters your restaurant. With the latest technologies, your hotel can use facial recognition for quick check-in and room entry or provide guests with apps, tech lounges, location-based services and mobile hubs so they can communicate with one another and the outside world. Hospitality IT consulting creates the potential for outstanding customer experiences including hotel rooms maintaining guests’ preferred temperatures throughout their stays, chatbots taking menu orders, guests using tech-loaded wearables and RFID tags for instant payment, keyless entry and child tracking.

Create Memorable CX & Generate Repeat Visits

Finding the perfect place to stay is tricky – OZ’s expertise in advanced analytics makes the selection easier.

OZ develops online web and mobile apps to eliminate painfully long booking calls and can include price alerts and suggestions for personalized packages. VR and augmented reality (AR) allow guests to experience amenities and excursions prior to booking.

In every hotel, resort, casino and restaurant, arrival is one of the most exciting parts of the guest journey. Initial interactions and experiences can set the stage for the entire vacation. OZ’s hospitality IT consulting offerings include tools for facial recognition, RPA and IoT devices that allow employees to greet guests with a personalized check-in process.

Digital technologies enable the “cherry on top” effect that separates good hospitality companies from great ones.

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Innovation Sprints

Room Automation – Hotel
OZ has a deep understanding of what it takes to provide the ultimate Customer Experience for Hotel Guests. Through Room Automation features, apps and other digital solutions, personalized and enhanced experience for guests and employees is created. Whether that be temperature control, lighting, TV control, room service or even an all-in-one digital concierge. The OZ Innovation Sprints can help you ideate, prototype, and test these impactful solutions! Learn More
Stateroom Automation - Cruise Ship
The Cruising Industry is growing tremendously. To keep up with guests’ demands, brands are looking to provide control to their passengers for the most frictionless experience. The average Stateroom is known to be basic and boring. Not offering much to the guest besides a place to sleep. With a deep understanding of your passengers’ needs and wants, the right Stateroom Experience can be created. Offering more value to the passengers than ever before with personalized room controls, digital concierge, digital key access, maps and so much more. Discover how the Innovation Sprint can speed up your path to delivering the ultimate passenger experience! Learn More
Optimized POS – Hotel
While Digital Transformation has been all the rage for some time now, it has been primarily focused on the guest-facing experience. Solutions affecting lines-of-business that are directly used by employees and that facilitate the customer experience, such as Point of Sales systems, have been stuck in a holding pattern for much of 20 years, dependent on archaic 90s and early 2000s-era technology. Hotels lack the ability to maximize value and efficiency through these POS Systems. This is due to outdated UX/UI, poor reporting, lack of customization, and limited integrations with separate lines-of-business in the organization. Through our Innovation Sprints, we will help you optimize the guest/employee interaction without the limitations of the past! Learn More
Optimized POS – SPA
Within Spas and Spa related businesses, the POS is at the heart, driving it forward. With off-the-shelf solutions allowing only a limited amount of configuration choices, integrations, or use-cases, usability becomes a factor. You may find a solution offering appointment booking, pre-payment, mobile invoicing and staff scheduling. But does it include loyalty programs, retail features, or commissions and the ability to integrate into your Inventory Management System if you sell products? Why pick and choose when you should be able to have exactly what you need? Learn how an Innovation Sprint can help you bring your exact Spa related POS application to life! Learn More
Optimized POS - Pool Side
Convenience and Customer Experience is what every guest is looking for as they relax poolside at a cruise, resort, hotel, etc. The quality of service and experience delivered to poolside guests is continuously improving and guest expectations are continuously growing. Never need to get out of your lounge chair for anything is now the norm. Organizations can no longer offer services and experiences of the past or they will face getting left behind. Discover how to build the most frictionless poolside applications for both Guests and Employees! Learn More
Optimized POS – Embarkation
Customers are looking for the most convenient ways of experiencing a journey start to finish. Creating a seamless and user-friendly experience upon check-in is critical to starting the guest journey right. Learn how the right set of digital solutions can help increase your revenue from the time of Embarkation forward by having OZ facilitate an Innovation Sprint! Learn More

Key Digital Technologies Used

  • Predictive Analytics & AI
  • Wearable Technologies & RFID Tracking
  • Application Integrations
  • Voice Controls, Mobile Apps & Online Booking
  • Data Analytics & Big Data
  • Cloud Services

High occupancy and table turnover rates are no longer the only benchmarks for success in the hospitality industry. Today, customer experience (CX) is the ultimate differentiator.

OZ - Did you know?

“4x – Companies that invest in employee experience are 4x more profitable than those that don’t”

- Source: Harvard Business Review

Employee Journey POV

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Companies in the Travel & Hospitality industries must usually over-book employees to ensure the full staff is present when needed. Particularly in cruising, this becomes a very expensive proposition, since employees must be flown to different ports, booked into hotels, and transported to the ship on time. No-shows are not uncommon, creating an administrative nightmare at critical times. By using location services, apps can assist vendors, airport greeters, and employees get to the right place connecting the greeters with employees and vendors while en-route. Additionally, the company could predict whether or not an employee or vendor will be arriving by knowing where they are, and would be able to make other arrangements ahead of time.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Employees often perform repetitive tasks and routine work. Pre-check routines are an essential part of the daily workflow and must never be overlooked. It is critical employees can perform their routine work as efficiently as possible. Advancements in digital technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation, streamline tasks and routines, allowing employees to spend more time catering to guests. Ultimately, the goal is creating a stronger employee and guest experience.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Guest-employee interactions are inflection points in both the Guest and Employee Journey. It is critical that companies adopt innovative tools and technologies to provide seamless interactions. Facial recognition, voice technologies, Robotic Process Automation and IoT devices are allowing employees to greet guests with personalization and optimize the entire welcoming process. Making employees' jobs easier, more meaningful and creating more delightful experiences for all bring guests' interactions to a new experience level.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Location-based tracking tools are essential for employees and the business to operate as logistically efficient as possible. In every instance, time is tremendously valuable and something employees can't get back. The goal is to maximize every second of the workday and cover as much ground as possible. Digital technologies such as Intelligent navigation and IoT assist in guilding the employees through properties/ships and optimizing their workflow/tasks.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


The safety and well-being of employees is a top priority alongside guest safety in Travel & Hospitality Training. Digital advancements are optimizing the training process and making it more impactful. Through technologies like VR/AR, employees have a better understanding of safety scenarios and how to handle them.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


It is critical to optimize the crew rotation process. Often, crews get burnt out, the business operates inefficiently, and worst of all, guest experience is negatively affected. Smart technologies such as AI and Data Analytics will help organizations predict and optimize crew workflows. Additionally, mobile technologies and digital platforms allow features (ex: scheduler, reminders, etc.) to keep the crew engaged, efficient and overall provide a better Employee Experience.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


The safety of employees must never be overlooked. properties/ships are massive and technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Navigation reduce the risk of accidents or scenarios of a missing person. While at work, all employees can be accounted for and preventive measures can be made to enforce employee safety to the highest measure.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Collaboration and unification are two significant drivers in every business. It's necessary to have a unified platform for employees to collaborate and access all company resources. The goal is the same; having an efficiency and instant-easy access.

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


Keep your employees going and excited for more! Motivation is one of the biggest factors in employee retention, satisfaction, and experience. Companies can look to adopt easy-to-use digital platforms with internal loyalty and employee rewards programs. A network where employees can recognize one another and receive points leading to the redemption of an award or prize. This is an easy way to make employees feel rewarded, purposeful and boost motivation. Employees want to work for Digital Revolutionaries, not Digital Laggards. By equipping employees with modern tools (digital) and training, you can ensure they are working efficiently, driving results for the business, while maintaining a positive Employee Experience!

OZ - TeamX - Remote, Safe, Intelligent, Affordable


As today's workforce continues to switch jobs frequently, routine activities such as performance reviews play an integral part in overall Employee Experience and reducing turnover. Performance reviews provide a means of assessment, recognition, and feedback to both employer and employee. However, only 30% of employees believe their company does a good job with the performance review process. Conventional performance reviews are a thing of the past and more innovative and user-friendly solutions must be adopted, especially in the Hospitality Industry where there are thousands of employees. It is critical the Voice of the Employee (VoE) is heard; performance reviews are the best opportunity to do so. Through the transparency in digital analytics, you will gain accurate employee data and feedback, allowing you to make impactful business decisions and provide better experiences for employees and guests.

Murray Izenwasser

Murray consults with clients to create digital solutions that align with their vision, markets, customers and products. Prior to OZ, Murray co-founded Biztegra, a digital marketing, engagement and technology agency.

He also held senior positions at some of the world’s largest digital agencies, including Razorfish and Sapient, and began his career at what is now Accenture. An IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt™, Murray earned his B.S./B.A. in computer science and finance from the University of Florida.

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