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3 Takeaways from AWS reinvent 2022


Billed as the “biggest, most comprehensive, and most vibrant event in cloud computing,” the 2022 edition of AWS re:Invent continued to not only live up to its reputation but exceed it.

OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos was on hand for this five-day tour of the digital cutting edge—with a projected attendance of 50,000 spread across a number of hotel venues throughout the Las Vegas strip—and to say it made an impression is something of an understatement.

“One aspect that became very evident right away is that—like our universe—the AWS and Azure clouds are continually expanding,” Ramos says. “It is impossible for one individual or a firm to cover/be an expert in AWS/Azure as a whole. They are massive and expanding daily. Focus areas will be key.”

Here are three re:Invent takeaways Ramos believes are worthy of your attention.

1. The Holistic Customer View Remains Hot in Hospitality

Though we may be no closer to a functional psychic app, the data revolution—along with the technology to strategically aggregate and deploy that data—has made functional mind-reading a considerably more realistic goal.

During their AWS panel “How to Successfully Create a 360-Degree View of Travelers and Guests,” AWS Senior Solutions Architects Robin Kanthareuben and Raj Salvaji made a convincing case that the benefits of a customer 360 platform in travel & hospitality are manifest for both client and business.

And as with so many advances, that expectation will eventually morph into demand.

OZ, of course, can help you get ahead of the curve with cutting-edge CX technologies that will “wow” your customers—as well as your bottom line.

2. Automation Orchestration will be Key for Insurance Underwriting

On the insurance front, “I attended a session in which it was noted that while eighty percent of executives believe AI brings value only 44 percent say their organization “is currently advanced in use of automation.”

Here are a few areas where you can expect to see investment and value blossom:

    • Intelligent Underwriting
    • Solutioning for challenges in claims
    • AI-powered claims journey
    • Digital claims capabilities

Two key points were mentioned: First, their key focus is on the orchestration of the process not on just point solutions for parts of the process. Second, despite seeing success, they have only been able to provide these solutions to low complexity/high volume line of businesses. These lines are typically not the ones that have the highest monetary value. Complex lines of business have been harder to orchestrate/automate and gain acceptance from customers to engage in. Expect a long haul.

OZ has comprehensive AI-based Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processing functions to help you overcome challenges and better channel resources.

3. Digital Safety is Coming to the Gridiron

“I also attended a fascinating session with AWS Sports detailing the use of computer vision to determine helmet hits in NFL games. With the long-term effects of concussions becoming an ever-larger area of concern in the public imagination it may very well be forward-thinking advances such as this that save the game for future generations.”

From the hotel room to insurance policies to the football field, OZ is your one-stop shop for digital transformation. Check out what our twenty-five years of experience can do for you here.