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Here’s where your enterprise’s 2023 digital transformation success begins


As we enter a new year, staying current with technology is now—correctly—recognized as no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

So, yes, Digital Transformation is now and forever—but how can you assess if your business is meeting its full technological potential?

Putting these five Digital Transformation trends on the agenda is a good place to start…

Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search uses AI technologies including machine learning, computer vision, semantic search, and natural language processing to provide users with more precise and individualized search results. It dismantles the data silos that exist in enterprises and makes it possible to pull information from essentially any data source.

In addition to offering a single point of access to enterprise content sources and the ability to deliver better results more quickly, search intelligence enables the enhancement, searching, and analysis of data in both organized and unstructured formats.


More than eighty percent of business executives claim that they are expanding their use of remote workers and speeding up work process automation—and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. And it’s not difficult to see why: Although there is a learning curve to get any project off the ground, these technologies have the potential to boost productivity, improve the customer experience, and digitize processes in the short- to medium-term. With automation, businesses may grow more efficiently while spending less on day-to-day operations.

The question then becomes, how can companies seeking to free up employees’ valuable time and reduce errors—whether by, say, keeping track of vendor invoices, finding information, or recreating paperwork—best integrate this technology?

My suggestion?

Choose the appropriate business process automation solutions, which could help deliver faster results with less coding expertise. (OZ can help.)

The World is a Service (XaaS)

A new business model quickly gaining popularity is Everything as a Service—XaaS—which, making the most of the age of the cloud, allows users to access virtually any IT service or produce as needed and, without outright purchasing or licensing fees as a prerequisite, at a much lower cost.

Access to infrastructure, data storage, and computing power are all types of services that are available under the XaaS paradigm from a single source.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

From their initial click on one of your social media channels to placing an order online, each engagement with a customer is a useful source of data. Yet, without the appropriate tools, organizing and synthesizing thousands of data points from the customer journey into actionable insights can be a daunting undertaking.

A CDP connects all customer data to the actual person via a real-time profile, creating a single view of all customer data. Decision-makers can readily examine the insights and take immediate action to encourage conversions because the data is organized and safe in one database. The ability to fully comprehend the customer is made possible by tools like CDPs, which are effective in enabling excellent customer experiences.

Web 3.0.1

A future decentralized internet with open standards and protocols is made possible by Web3’s platforms and apps, which also preserve digital ownership rights, give users more control over their data, and encourage the development of new business models.

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