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The partnership between OZ and eco-focused insurance facilitator InnSure deepens

Paul joins Insure Oz Digital Consulting Image

In October of last year, OZ announced a wide-ranging partnership with InnSure, a fast-growing startup non-profit fostering innovative insurance-based solutions to combat climate change.

Now those ties have deepened further: OZ Chief Transformation Officer and New York University Professor Paul J. Bailo will now serve as an Executive Board Advisor at InnSure, joining a diverse array of professionals from across the corporate, academic, NGO, and startup communities who have chosen to dedicate their time and knowledge to the cause.

“As I have gotten to know Paul, I realized that he has a unique set of skills and experiences that allows him to very comfortably and effectively engage across those traditional boundaries,” InnSure Executive Director Charlie Sidoti says. “He’s great with all the stakeholder groups—and also completely comfortable working on setting strategic priorities as well as rolling up sleeves to get some work done in the trenches. And I think as he had gotten to know us and how passionate we are about our mission he has become passionate about it himself. He’s been a great asset already and we have barely started.”

OZ, which empowers businesses of all sizes to innovate and accelerate growth by leveraging digital strategies and innovative technologies, already plays a key role in the InnSure Climate and Risk Insurance Sandbox (CRIS) initiative, which seeks to evolve “traditional data science practices used by insurance innovators” in order “to support the insurance industry of the future and respond to the challenges posed by climate change.”

Bailo will further work with both the InnSure executive team and some board committees to help streamline processes and extend the InnSure partner network.

“It’s an honor to be invited to join the ranks of an organization that is both animated by such innovative spirit and devoted to finding real-world, practical solutions to perhaps the great challenge of our time,” Bailo says. “I am very much looking forward to bringing the strategic expertise and executive experience I have to the table as we tackle these issues with the urgency they warrant and require.”

Be sure to check out this Transformation Matters conversation between Sidoti and Bailo for more context.

With specialties in data and analytics (DA), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and more, OZ optimizes technology infrastructures to automate processes, provides real time data to enable informed decision making, and improve customer experience. For more information visit www.followoz.com.

Founded in 2019 to combine “the drive for innovation with the assurance of a secure environment to confidently foster solutions to the challenges facing the insurance industry,” InnSure strives to “solve real industry problems by innovating upstream” and take creative ideas from Blue-sky to Blueprint.” Learn more at InnSure.org.