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Transformation Happens: OZ @ TECHpalooza

Oz Digital Consulting Murray-Post-04

“Transformation happens when, from a business perspective, you fundamentally change either part or all of your organization using the tools, platforms, and technologies currently available,” OZ Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy Murray Izenwasser told a panel audience gathered in Fort Lauderdale for last week’s TECHpalooza—tagline: “Re-Discovering Innovation”—and the setting for such a message could hardly have been more apropos.

Previously christened ITpalooza, South Florida Tech Hub rebranded “South Florida’s premiere tech event” for its tenth anniversary to encompass all technology powering innovation in South Florida, drawing information technology, healthcare, finance, AI, automation, cybersecurity, and more under the banner of digital evolution.

Real progress, of course, often requires a diversity of perspectives in order to help enterprises objectively analyze, uncover, and overcome barriers to change.

“You need to understand the ecosystem within which your business operates,” Izenwasser adds, “including people inside and outside the organization.”

In fact, seeing dynamic technology eliminate constraint is half the fun—though the answer is not always intelligent automation, RPA, or machine learning (ML).

TECHpalooza highlighted some of the brilliant ways Florida’s best is producing actionable change.

Florida Power and Light (FPL), for example, employs Boston Dynamic’s radiation-resistant robot, Spot, to improve the lives of its nuclear powerplant workers and reduce on-site hazards. Or local startup EventFy’s efforts to abolish traditional barriers in the human meet-up experience through Web3, a challenge businesses worldwide face amid an expanding remote workforce and the difficulty of the pandemic.

This conference opened a window to the free-thinking revolutionaries employing technology as a means of order and improvement in a chaotic world.

Wherever you are on your business journey, OZ is your go-to enabler of digital transformation. Check out what our 25 years of experience can do for you here.