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Could existing products hold the key to your innovation future?

Oz Digital Consulting Manny-Forbes

Developing cutting-edge products is a journey, not a destination—the key is to get on the path and never become complacent.

In the recent Forbes symposium, 15 Ways to Leverage Lessons Learned From “Innovation Powerhouses,” a distinguished panel of tech experts—including OZ Chief Solutions Officer and Forbes Technology Council member Emmanuel Ramos—weigh in on how to set yourself up for success on that journey.

Here’s what Ramos had to say:

“It is important to question and define what “innovation” is within the context of your organization and culture. Is innovation creating some new paradigm, a new way of doing something that did not exist before? Yes. But innovation can also be found in what already exists. Apple did not invent the phone or the computer, but rather made them better. Search existed before Google, but Google made results more relevant to searchers. Look within.”

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