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Fast starting freelancers FTW

Oz Digital Consulting Manny-Forbes

The lighting fast pace of tech evolution and a historically tight labor market has exponentially increased demand for skilled independent contractors—and finding the right fit can sometimes feel like a needle-in-the-haystack-level challenge.

The recent Forbes symposium, 15 Tech Leaders Discuss the Qualities They Look For In Independent Contractors, offers some practical, actionable advice on this very conundrum from many distinguished leaders—including OZ Chief Solutions Officer and Forbes Technology Council member Emmanuel Ramos.

Here’s what Ramos had to say:

“An exceptional freelancer will demonstrate an ability to ‘hit the ground running’ as they engage with the organization. There are many facets that make a freelancer a fit to address a certain need, but if they are unable to make an immediate impact on the situation, their fit for purpose is diminished. In interviews, we look for examples of where they have demonstrated such an impact.”

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