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About Us

We are a leading consulting company whose services and solutions leverage Intelligent Automation to accelerate processes and provide detailed business insights.

With specialties in data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and more, our experts can enhance technology infrastructures to provide accurate reports, inform decision making, and improve customer satisfaction.

Directly From Our CEO

I want to be clear that our mission and core values are more than words. They are the very foundation of OZ. Not a day goes by that we do not use them to frame a decision, develop a strategy or guide us in other ways. These are meant to be lived and acted upon by everyone in the company.

OZ has the talent and extraordinary commitment to be the best choice for digital consulting for clients who want to create exceptional customer experiences, enabled by disruptive digital technologies and innovation. When we say "customer experience", that customer can be an actual customer, consumer, user, employee, partner or B2B.

Amjad Shamim

Our Vision & Mission

OZ is a consulting and technology solutions leader focused on increasing customer engagement & operational excellence by leveraging Intelligent Automation.

Core Values

Evolve Constantly

Focus on Outcome

Success as a Team

Be Positive


The Crew