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The hospitality industry is back—and digital transformation is on the 2023 menu

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The hospitality industry came roaring back in 2022—but no one is planning to rest on laurels in 2023.

Here are three ways post-COVID hospitality will get back to the future in the year ahead…

1. Specialized guest interactions

Guests staying at hotels and resorts have come to expect individualized treatment through customer recognition. Separating yourself from the competition means tailoring your value proposition toward targeted offers and experiences that demonstrate a clear understanding of guest preference and value.

Gaining a 360-degree view of your customer is essential for creating valuable campaigns that drive profits and prove guest worth.

2. Experience gone digital

Digital transformation has taken hospitality by storm with online guest services and contactless technology. Creating a network of end-to-end communication for your systems to seamlessly use technology like facial recognition check-in or NFC payments around your hotel is critical to the modern guest experience.

Just as crucial to their personalized visit is ensuring those systems are always maintained and operational with 24/7 online chat support.

3. Innovative staffing answers

The pandemic flipped the script on traditional staffing for many reasons.

Line employees have stepped up to middle management, often with little or no training, out of necessity to fill a vacant role. It created a deficit between customer service, exceptional service, and employee satisfaction.

Now is the time to take advantage of smart solutions like LG’s CLOi ServeBot—an intelligently automated service assistant designed to navigate areas with limited maneuverability—to put customers back into focus while increasing the time management can spend on advanced training.

Ready to take charge of your business destiny in the year to come? Visit our hospitality page to find out how we can improve digital initiatives that transform your systems and organization.