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The Next Generation Meets Meal Prep


Imagine this.


You’re braving the final frontier of space aboard the USS Enterprise as rendered in Star Trek: The Next Generation—arguably the greatest iteration of the series—and everyone is in their lane: Captain Jean-Luc Picard is engaged in yet another friendly debate with the benevolent Q, Data is tracing his lineage back to intelligent automation, Worf is about to volunteer you for sparring practice…


And then, suddenly, your grumbling stomach tears you away from the bridge to your private quarters.


Your excitement boils over as soon as you see your replicator —ready to molecularly materialize your favorite meal.


Science fiction.


Or is it?


In fact, this interstellar experience isn’t too far removed from this side of the galaxy: Our very own Earth is home to futuristic food tech that promises to bring recipes to life from anywhere in the world.


Enter CloudChef


While replicators have the fictional ability to break down raw material and construct an object on the subatomic level from a stored blueprint in the computer’s database, this California-based startup emulates a similar method thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and the slightest human touch. 


CloudChef captures recipes in perfect detail through a proprietary process they call “recipe record and playback” that converts the ingredients, food preparation, and cooking data into a readable file ready to use at any CloudChef-enabled kitchen around the globe. 


This process involves chefs preparing their recipes in a state-of-the-art kitchen where sensors can absorb every detail and synthesize a robust one-to-one retelling of the original recipe in the form of ones and zeros. 


In this same “smart kitchen,” food operators are guided through a series of tasks without context, while CloudChef software executes cooking intelligence in tandem to produce the desired dish.


But this startup takes it one step further.


They capture the chef’s intuition as well. Each recipe rendered makes room for location variability—factoring in local ingredient availability, humidity, and even elevation. 


These combined capabilities give contributors a high degree of certainty that regardless of patron location, the replication is a genuine portrayal of the artists’ vision. 


“It was an eye-opening moment when I saw that CloudChef could replicate my recipes better than highly trained chefs,” 2-star Michelin Chef and CloudChef contributor Srijith Girija tells Hospitality Technology.


“I can bring my recipes to a larger audience without opening additional brick-and-mortar restaurants, knowing they are perfectly created and prepared to my standards.”


Where contributors see a benefit past sharing their meals en masse is with the company’s royalty model—each time a customer orders a recipe, the creator receives compensation.


Therein lies the next groundbreaking automation innovation for hospitality. 


And with the help of a trusted third party, integrating industry-shifting technology of this magnitude is possible. 


From identifying key market opportunities to adopting the right intelligent technology, our on-demand OZ experts will take your organizational success to the stars—start your digital transformation journey here and leap lightyears ahead of the competition.