Elevating Passenger CX With a Suite of Mobile Apps

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A large Cruise Line wants to enhance their guests’ Customer Experience (CX) by providing a seamless way to order and receive food and drink.

OZ is digitally transforming their ordering process for their guests, while streamlining back-end staff operations.

OZ is building a suite of mobile “interaction” apps for passengers, servers and preparers utilizing Design Thinking, Data Services and IoT to enhance the overall ordering process. The mobile apps will also provide the ability to collect data and use analytics to predict guest order behavior and create a more personalized guest experience.

Client overview:
One of the world’s largest global cruise line that continues to revolutionize vacations with itineraries to hundred of destinations in tens of countries on all continents.

Business needs:
Our client’s evolution into one of the world’s largest global cruise line has always been enabled through putting Customers’ Experiences first. Their growth comes from focusing on small details which have a big impact on their passengers’ experience.

They desired to provide a superior food and drink ordering experience for their guests, leveraging digital innovation. To accomplish this, they needed to build a suite of mobile “interaction” apps which streamline guest orders, while also managing and optimizing staff workflows.

How OZ helped:
OZ engaged with the Client’s team to define the project scope through Design Thinking and prototyping. OZ Data Services and IoT teams also helped interconnect the mobile app suite between the customer, server and preparer (bartender/kitchen). This will improve a variety of interactions into one seamless experience.

All these apps will be synced for one unified experience. When the customer orders drink or food, first the system ensures the guest’s account is in good standing. The preparer and the server then receive the request, the order is prepared, and the guest receives a series of three confirmations (order received, order is ready, order is being delivered). The app then finds the guests location, the item is delivered, and the guest’s account is charged.

OZ is developing this ordering experience with the client utilizing the digital building-blocks of Design Thinking, Data Services, IoT and Analytics to interface with location services, beacons, POS systems, revenue management and property management systems.

Business Outcomes & ROI:
An enhanced Customer Experience for guests, as food and drink items can be ordered, tracked and received anywhere.
Staff will gain back valuable lost time from streamlined workflows that intelligently move order and customer data between apps and systems.
Valuable data on guests, their orders and preferences will be stored. This customer and transactional data will then be used to predict guest behavior, through Analytics and AI, to provide a more personalized Customer Experience for their passengers.

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