OZ Pioneers a Unique “Social Audio Platform” Set to Revolutionize Social Media & Nurture True Community

OZ Pioneers

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The Catalyst

The age of social media and podcasts fosters relationships with prominent entrepreneurs and influencers that feel closer and more intimate than ever—and consumers want to deepen and personalize those connections even further.

The Challenge

Current interfaces are inadequate to meet consumers evolving desires in this realm and true one-on-one connection remains difficult and rare. This is not the fault of creators and subject matter experts—sifting through the spam in a direct messages file on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even a dedicated email address is no small task: There is no mechanism for separating legitimate, valuable contacts from the digital maelstrom.


Owwll engaged OZ to develop a software application platform facilitating an instant, private phone call between a user and a subject. And because the expert’s time is both dedicated and compensated, the app inherently vets both seeker and sought, ensuring a value and validity that cold contacts through most other platforms or mediums simply cannot match.

To accomplish this, OZ’s solution team…

  • …conducted in-depth discovery phase.
  • …curated demonstrative, powerful user stories which help build a guiding light features list.
  • …developed an intelligent mobile solution by leveraging latest Microsoft and other technologies to produce effective results as per the client’s needs.
  • …provided in-demand social media features such as video uploads, profile pictures of user choice, ability to add social media profile links to profiles, ability to add real-time credit cards for deposits and call payments.


The subsequent mobile app is a one-of-a-kind social audio platform with an integrated web admin portal to facilitate user management as well as other key operations and configurations.

Features include…

  • …a state-of-the-art withdrawals mechanism enabling users to withdraw earnings made through the platform
  • …a financial dashboard providing an overview of expenses, revenue, and profit.
  • …control over adding and expiring app user bonuses as well as approving/rejecting the signup requests.
  • …reports based on the app user statistics—e.g., calls, deposits, withdrawals, spending, refunds, and more.
  • …control over adding and removing app attributes such as categories, hobbies, and download source options.

Markers of success:

  • 3,000+ downloads.
  • More than 3,000+ active app users.


Now boasting a stable of experts which includes business strategists, best-selling authors, screenwriters, start-up advisors, and others, Owwll helps consumers build rich relationships and professionals build more durable, profitable brands.

Through collaborative design of effective, vendor-neutral systems, data, API, security, and information architectures and underlying technology design platforms, OZ has delivered consistent branding and cross-app user interactivity for more than twenty-five years, increasing customer loyalty and experience.