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RPA Demos in Action

OZ. Robotic Process Automation Demo 3. Employee Timesheet Automation.

In this video, you will see how RPA can greatly increase the efficiency of your HR teams by automating the timesheet creation process.

Pricing Consolidation RPA Demo.

Unlock the power of Automation to eliminate time spent on comparing prices. Watch the demo here.

Penmanship RPA Demo.

Take a leap forward and utilize RPA to digitize your data in a fraction of the time. Check it out above.

Make No Mistake: Customers and Companies Both Benefit

Precise execution translates to smoother front-office operations for attracting and retaining customers. Bots can work 24/7, without distraction, executing several times as many transactions per hour as humans. No time is lost checking work and correcting inconsistencies, so backlogs are a thing of the past.

OZ’s RPA services help our clients unlock strategic advantages. Freed from manual tasks, employees can assist more customers, nurture more leads and deliver more high-value work. Swift ROI means you can quickly redirect your capital toward growing your business. Our RPA solutions will also enable you to collect real-time data that human managers can mine for insights, use to identify problems and quickly assess for opportunities to fine-tune operations.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

OZ has a long history of providing EAI solutions for large enterprises that look to integrate a variety of applications to better manage business processes, workflows, and databases across the information landscape. To improve the connectivity of applications within an enterprise, OZ consultants use leading technologies and best practices to create a framework around seamlessly integrating vital systems. We look to connect and consolidate data from business applications and databases to ensure that information used by an organization is correctly stored, transmitted, and reflected by all its applications. The purpose of this integration framework is to ensure data interaction between internal applications, breaking down data silos and enabling our clients to view data and information across the enterprise in a single, unified view. Automations also make your customer experience management much easier and simpler.

Why implement EAI?
With countless systems in a business environment, it can be difficult to introduce new applications to coexist with legacy apps and empower employees to seamlessly access the right information when needed. Also, with customer experience being a priority in every industry, EAI is essential in providing a frictionless customer journey. Every customer is now connected - with smart, always-on devices, and real-time interactions. Being able to provide these connected experiences is critical to business success. This all requires a well-structured and executed EAI strategy to unlock and leverage data in all internal systems.

Imran Sabir

As OZ's Automation Lead, Imran Sabir is responsible for client-facing consulting projects across all industries. Prior to OZ, he was the integration manager at Epic Enterprise and held positions at Citrix, Red Lobster and Rooms To Go. A MuleSoft Certified Architect and MuleSoft Certified Developer Pro, Imran received his B.S. in computer science from York University.

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